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How to Support
  The Millennium Diary is provided as a gift to all readers. It is given as inspiration for people who understand that our lives on Earth are sustained by the richness of the resources and natural living systems of the planet, and by the quality of our social and cultural relationships with other people.

We are at a dangerous fork in the road that leads to the future. Down one fork lies a world crippled and despairing because of the unwise decisions of societies in the world today. Down the other fork lies the possibility for future good beyond our current imaginings. The Millennium Diary recounts day by day throughout 2001-the one year in a thousand at the start of a new millennium-how the path to the better future can be secured.

If you wish to support the writing of the Millennium Diary and the good work it inspires, you can do so by making a small donation sent by cheque or money order to

Creative Learning International
209 - 1628 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6J 1G1

Contributions by credit card can be sent to the same address, giving the following information:

___________________________________Postal Code___________

Irrespective of whether you choose to support the work, you are encouraged to make whatever use you wish of the Millennium Diary in your own personal contribution to taking the future of the world down the right fork in the road.

Our very best wishes to all readers.