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How It Began
How It Began
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  The following message was sent to a small group of people on January 1, 2001. This marked the beginning of the Millennium Diary.

Dear Friends:

I am inviting you to participate in a unique Internet experience. Beginning January 1, 2001 I am posting every day (or group of days) this year-the true start of the Third Millennium CE-an entry to a fictitious Millennium Diary. It will tell in real time, as it happens, an inspiring story of hope, challenge, conflict, triumph, despair and anticipation. All of the major characters are fictitious, but along the way they will encounter real people from the 21st century, perhaps even yourself, depending how the story goes, who will help shape the outcome.

The story will be about how to use the potential energy of the start of the new century and new millennium to muster the psychological, spiritual and political will of a worldwide core of "cultural creatives." These are people like yourself who believe that the greatest good is to nurture and sustain the life force that runs through the universe. They understand that we have come to a fork in the road. Down one way lies a crippled and despairing future world, while down the other lies the possibility for future good beyond our current imaginings.

The Millennium Diary will tell the inspiring story of how a couple encounter the eddying forces for good or ill and how they use the opportunities day by day in this one year in a thousand to move humanity to choose the correct fork in the road. The story will be fiction, but because it happens in real time involving some real people, at all levels of power and influence, it will have the immediacy and urgency of the real world unfolding throughout 2001.

To participate you need do nothing more, for you are already on my Millennium Diary List. The first entry for January 1, 2001 is enclosed. If what I have said above resonates with you, and if what you read in the entry for January 1 captures your interest, then I ask that you consider forwarding the message to people on your lists who you think might welcome it.

I will also post the entries every day on our Creative Learning website at: so that people joining later can catch up with what went before. If people pass the news of the Diary from mind to mind, it can spread and do its work for good.

In terms of manageability one thing I ask is that if you are passing this message on, you ask people not to contact me directly about the Diary. I can manage the current list of contacts to whom I am forwarding this message. Beyond that I can easily become overwhelmed and the diary will not continue.

Of course, I appreciate that you may not consider any of this a good use of your time. If so, please reply to me at any time and say you would like to be removed from the Millennium Diary List. I will do so immediately.

I promise that after today my messages will be brief and consist mainly of the day's posting. These, too, will be brief, one to three pages at most, and sometimes less, depending on what is happening that day in the story.

All of the Millennium Diary entries will be sent to you as a gift to use as you see fit. If along the way you wish to make a donation to support the work, you can do so through the means outlined on the website at You and your friends can be assured that all donations will be used directly or indirectly to support the effort to take us down the right fork in the road.

With every good wish on your own Millennium journey in 2001 and beyond.

Desmond Berghofer