Geraldine Schwartz Geraldine Schwartz is a psychologist, a scientist-practitioner, a businesswoman, an author, a poet and a leader who expresses in her life's work and writing the strong feminine spirit of the present and the future. Dr. Schwartz holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education, an MA in Educational Psychology, a Teacher's Diploma and a BA from McGill University.

Her principal work with the Vancouver Learning Centre, established in 1980, is with people with learning differences including learning disabilities, brain injury and giftedness. Through this work she expresses her deeply held conviction in the profound value of a good comprehensive education, which at every level from kindergarten to graduate studies, allows an individual to achieve at the leading edge of his or her potential, whatever that may be.

To that end, Geraldine leads a team of teacher-therapists who also act as coaches and mentors to students and clients of every age and ability. They deliver a dynamic and unique educational experience designed to achieve each individual's highest potential. The Vancouver Learning Centre team acts in partnership with parents and families to support the achievement of their highest goals, based on the belief that, at any level of ability, satisfaction and meaning in life come from delivering a personal best performance.

Geraldine has co-founded and continues to play leadership roles in three complementary organizations, with her husband and partner, Desmond Berghofer: Creative Learning International, The International Foundation of Learning and the Institute for Ethical Leadership.

Creative Learning International focuses on teaching leadership and the creative management of change to leaders and teams of leaders in business, government and the community. Together and with other partners Geraldine and Desmond act as teachers, strategic coaches and partners to innovative and forward-thinking organizations, who are looking to achieve a dynamic 21st century organizational culture that promotes outstanding performance and results as well as the highest quality customer service. This work has a history of more than a decade's success nationally and internationally. Creative Learning International is now offering new programs at the leading edge of thinking on principle centred ethical leadership based on high order emotional intelligence.

Geraldine is the creator and author of the Children's Literature Language Box which she developed as a program for young children to enhance literacy and school performance. The program operates at the Vancouver Learning Centre and is available as a workshop for teachers and parents.

Geraldine is President of the International Foundation of Learning, founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization whose aim is to bring leading edge thinking and learning to strategic partners in education and the community. It acts in concert with other community partners in bringing outstanding learning experiences to British Columbia.

Geraldine co-founded the Institute for Ethical Leadership in 1997 as a membership organization whose function is to create a "social commons" or forum for learning about important issues that impact the creation of a civil society. Working around five themes, members of the Institute adopt, support and create projects that serve to enhance a peaceful, sustainable and healthy society. Its projects are celebrated in events called Connections: Creating a Web of Good Work.

Geraldine has been a writer and poet all her life. Samples of her poetry and articles from her column "Journeys of Second Adulthood" are presented under Written Works as a first step in assembling her collected works.

Now that the power of mind and heart
burst with Amazon spirit
to do,
to be,
to create,
to invent
new solutions
for a troubled planet,

Let us embark
with adventurous heart
on a journey
so new,
so wisdom based,
so soul focused,
that even the gods
and the angels would applaud.

From the poem, Now.