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At Creative Learning International we provide teaching, facilitation and consulting services for organizations, which wish to stimulate their organizational culture towards higher creativity and cooperative working relationships in teams, in order to position themselves for success in the volatile business climate of the 21st century.


Our clients benefit from learning and using a variety of tools designed to help people organize and process information and maximize their creative potential.

  • Mind Mapping. This is a technique developed by Tony Buzan and used widely in corporate and educational settings. Mind mapping captures the flow of thinking and displays abstract and complex ideas in an effective way. It helps in seeing relationships among ideas and in presenting big picture thinking. Its main uses are for planning, recording details of meetings and reports, and for creating effective presentations.

  • Hold Fire and Think. This is a multi-level thinking process designed to maximize the potential of a group or team for creative problem solving. It is a very robust process, which can be readily used for generating solutions to issues at any level in the organization. It is easily learned and once mastered, provides the organization with a vocabulary and process for meeting ongoing challenges. It provides a solid foundation for policy development and action planning.

  • Breaking Mindset. Individuals and corporations are prisoners of their own thinking. One of the most valuable assets in times of rapid change is the ability to break free from established patterns of thinking. The Breaking Mindset technique stimulates the minds of all people to open up to fresh ideas in a positive entertaining way.

  • Strategic Visioning. The most powerful force for organizational or personal success is holding a vision of a goal or outcome you truly want to achieve. In the corporate setting nothing motivates people more than holding a shared vision of what they are striving to accomplish, something that matters deeply to them. The process for building such a shared vision is Strategic Visioning, which combines the ability of the human mind to imagine and to take logical, positive steps to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Olympian Thinking. This is a process developed by Olympian, Marilyn King, for enabling people to achieve levels of peak performance far beyond what might normally be expected. It combines the energy of the human spirit with the powers of the imagery mind and the discipline of commitment to action to achieve peak performance.


The above tools and others are combined in custom-designed workshops to meet the needs of clients. Workshops are built around the concepts of leadership, the science of thinking and ethical behaviour. All workshops are designed to position our clients well for the creative management of change.

  • Leadership. At Creative Learning International we believe that the most powerful and effective form of leadership for the age in which we live and for the future towards which we are heading, is principle-centred leadership. This is grounded in the belief that if you treat people as the most valuable resource in the organization and teach them correct principles that uplift and inspire, then they will rise to meet high expectations and make quantum leaps in quality and productivity. We also use the Leadership Diamond model of Peter Kostenbaum, based on the concept of the Leadership Mind, to assist clients to develop the leadership potential and responsibility of all members of the organization.

    Another key concept is Emotional Intelligence as developed by Daniel Goleman in "Working with Emotional Intelligence." This is used in conjunction with the concept of Renaissance Leadership and a set of Leadership Scales developed by Creative Learning International.

  • The Science of Thinking. Our approach to organizational performance is grounded in a broad scientific recognition that the amount of mental power available to do the work of the organization is dependent on the relationships among its people. We know that their health, well-being, willingness to risk, to change, to create, to innovate and to do well all of the things required for a successful outcome, are dependent on how they are treated, how they treat each other, and how safe they feel.

  • Ethical Behaviour. Our emphasis on principle-centred leadership and high quality human relationships puts attention on issues of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. A new ethical imperative is abroad, because the major abilities needed for success in the 21st century-adaptability, flexibility, creativity, empathy and continuous learning-cannot flourish without it. In the interests of survival in an endangered world, new values of respect for our kind and for the biodiversity and sanctity of the planet, are struggling to emerge.

We see the successful high-energy organizations of the future as those who commit to the principles and practices described above. Our own commitment is to work with our clients to release the creative potential for excellence and ethical behaviour to achieve success for themselves and for the communities they serve.



At Creative Learning International we draw on new scientific understanding about human learning and behaviour, and we use this to design experiences that focus on shared vision, cooperation and entrepreneurial thinking. We do this at the level of corporate leadership, then gradually facilitate its spread throughout the organization. The outcome is a deep level of commitment to organizational goals in a culture of creative, cooperative enterprise. To achieve this outcome, we position ourselves as learning partners to work with our clients in designing custom-made approaches to address their unique requirements.



For a confidential discussion of how we might be of assistance to you in meeting the needs of your organization for positioning itself at the creative edge of change in the 21st century, please contact us. We will be pleased to speak to you by phone or respond to e-mail enquiries or arrange to meet personally where practical.

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