How The Manifesto Came To Be
  The "Manifesto for the Millennium" had an unusual genesis. On January 1, 2001 Desmond Berghofer began writing the "Millennium Diary" and sent it out to an e-mail list. Daily entries were also posted at

The Diary tells a story, mostly fictitious, but also incorporating ideas and teaching from people in the real world who are leaders in their fields. In the story a husband and wife team, Joe Sparks and Mary Field, choose the 2001 millennium year to launch a global initiative. Their objective is to encourage worldwide commitment to new thinking about how we can live together successfully in the 21st century.

Halfway through the year, the "Manifesto for the Millennium" emerged in the Diary story as a foundation for new thought and action. It was here that fiction and reality came together; for the Manifesto is not just part of a story. It is a real call to real people everywhere who are troubled about the way conditions are deteriorating on the planet. It is a call for positive planetary action to create a future of hope for the generations now living and yet unborn.

The Manifesto is offered on the Internet to all who feel its energy and who choose to spread its message. If the Manifesto speaks to you, please pass it on into your networks. Ask those with relevant websites to create links to the Manifesto at In addition, we ask you to consider how you personally can act to make a difference in any of the Manifesto's theme areas. Our collective effort will determine how the future unfolds.

We invite you to CONTACT US with any comments or questions you have about the Manifesto.
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